1. Eve Wallack, Communication Design, Junior.
  2. I am an extroverted jewish-italian born in the Bay Area and raised in Durham, North Carolina. I'm taking this class because it is a part of the communication design major. But I think I would have taken this class (or one like it) even if it weren't required because I want to learn more about coding and web development!
  3. No not really. We did a little bit of it in type 1 last year, and I edited some HTML at my internship this summer (mostly in mailchip creating responsive email newsletters, but I only really know how to change the font haha!).
  4. I hope to learn more about how general coding works and understanding the lanugage of it. Also so I can edit code on website builders like for my portfolio, etc.
  5. Responsiveness! Screens are always changing size rather than a piece of paper which is a more static medium.
  6. I think this design agency's website is designed very well. It has a nice hierarchy of text and images, and the web features (scrolling, hovering) is a nice complement but doesn't detract from their work.
  7. This sustainable company has a website that clearly explains who they are and what their brand stands for. Clear messages, clean type and great supporting imagery and video content makes for effective communication.
  8. I think this is a nice example of a website that works well. The flow of it is really nice and it has some fun elements that are pleasing to the eye. Great use of white space, color, and the scrolling experience is especially nice.