Feedback Notes-Postcard Triptych

Eve Wallack providing feedback to Rachel Nitzsche


  1. good image choices, dark images with white text creates nice contrast!
  2. good placement of the white text in the darkest parts of the image!
  3. overall the type on the desktop versions feels a little small, might consider increasing pt size
  4. first set of images and third set of images seem almost too similar, maybe switch one of them out so that it is 3 distinct images (along the same theme) across the group
  5. consider introducing more type hierarchy between quote and Gina’s name, make her name smaller in comparison to the quote (you’re doing this is some places, and not in others, maybe also make it more consistent)
  6. nice typeface choice!
  7. text color on the last version seems not as white as the others—is this intentional? if not, make sure they are all the same